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Germany Artikels

   Feldbinde - Sash

   Epauletten - Epaulettes

   Schultergeflechte - General Shoulder Boards

   Schulterstucke - Braid Shoulders

   Fangschnure - Shoulder Cords

   Eicheln - Acorns

   Schutzenschnure - Snake Cords

   Mutzenkordeln - Cap Cords

   Portepees - Sword Knots

   Scharpenquasten - Waist Belt Tassels

   Feldbinden - Waist Belts

   Gemeinen - Ranks

   Bandoliere Scharpen - Sashes

   Fahnentragegurte - Flag Belts

   Sabelzubehor - Sword Accessories

   Verschnurungen - Coat Lacing

   Knopfe und Sterne - Metal Items

Metal Items
Civil War Items
Film & Theater Products
Military Outfits
Military & Tactical Gear
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Textile & Sports Wear
Boxing & Martial Arts Supplies
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  Germany Artikels

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